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Discover the catalog, with a selection of shows scheduled in Périgueux during Mimos.

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  • Belgique
    Cie Mossoux-Bonté
    Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté present a theatrical exploration of the works of Lucas Cranach.
  • France
    Compagnie B / Hervé Lebeau, Marthe-Hélène Raulin
    A man, a woman, a bench, a chance encounter…
  • Hongrie
    Inspired by an ancient legend, Le Sofa Trio reimagine the Three Kings as down-on-their-luck managers, spending their old age in pursuit of a star which leads them into absurd adventures.
  • Pologne
    In an all-white space, the colour red slowly, imperceptibly creeps in and becomes the thread running through Uniformes.
  • Czechoslovakia
    Les Macloma
    Trouble ahoy! Les Macloma seize hold of the stage like marauding pirates.
  • France
    Théâtre du Mouvement
    Encore une heure si courte lifts the lid on an absurd universe which owes much to Beckett, Michaud, Tati and Buster Keaton.
  • Hongrie
    Originator is an exploration of women’s hopes and fears.
  • Russie
    The artists who make up Derevo don’t like the term “actors”.
  • Italie
    Nadir / Cie Caterina Sagna
    Petits cahiers in octavo is like a children’s game: fragile, timid, violent.
  • Espagne
    Semola Teatre
    A show defined by its physical and emotional acrobatics.
  • Hongrie
    In Espace vital, space is as vital as it is minimal.
  • France
    Cie 4 Litres 12
    Theatre company 4 Litres 12 reimagines Delacroix’s painting "La Mort de Sardanapale".