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Rapid Life Movement

  • Duration: 45 min
  • France
  • For all
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Collectif Fearless Rabbits

What to do when faced with the unexpected, with an environment which is suddenly threatening?

An empty, rectangular space. In the centre, a series of suspended tubes and a body in movement confronted with an environment that keeps on shrinking…

Written in the wake of the Paris attacks, RLM is a physical theatre performance in which combat, resistance and resilience transform both the space and the body.
On the stage, a structure composed of suspended bars in which a body struggles for freedom, for peace. The set is a character in its own right in this performance, partly inspired by Pénétrable Sonore (Jesus-Rafael Soto). The movement of this living art work is used to create new spaces within which the body becomes a driving force of plastic, theatrical transformation…

With his latest project, Rémi Boissy considers how our bodies respond when under duress, apparently unable to move. The show examines our ability to interact with others, with space, and with others within a delimited space.
On a broader level, this show explores our capacity to respond to movement and the unexpected, investigating the immobilism and stupefaction of humans faced with unfamiliar situations, especially when danger is involved. Fighting, resisting, dreaming... not to escape but to transform: space, risks, constraints, and even our relationship with others.


Distribution and legal informations

Director: Rémi Boissy
Set design and costumes: Vanessa Sannino
Choreography: Sandro Maria Campagna
Sound: Jean-Pierre Legout
Stage manager: Sylvain Dubun
Performed by: Rémi Boissy, Jean-Pierre Legout, Sylvain Dubun
Broadcast/communication: Valérie Pellerin
Administration/production: Amandine Bretonnière Akompani
Co-produced by l'Odyssée

Photo credit:Francis Aviet

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  • Place of capture : Jardin du Musée Vésunna
  • Collection : Mimos 2018