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Les Petits Silences

  • Duration: 45 min
  • France
  • For all
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Cie Démons et Merveilles

A masked theatrical exploration of the unspeakable. When the silence of abused children becomes a deafening roar.

A garden, laughter, a child at play, the carefree certainties of young life… And then the pain, the suffering… If only it could all be like it was before, if certain things could be unseen, unheard…
With Les Petit Silences, Démons et Merveilles addresses a tragically timely subject with sensitivity, in a piece for audiences of all ages.
The subject of childhood sexual abuse is handled with great caution and a certain poetic distance. As well as its undeniable emotional impact, the show is also remarkable for its intelligent use of music, its inventive direction, and, above all, the stunning performances of the actors.


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Created and directed by: Xavier Jollivet and Hélène Taudière with the support of Claire Rieussec
Script: Martine Koenig
Costumes: Nathalie Bulteau
Masks: Hélène Taudière
Stage design: François Cotillard
Décor: Henri Gaillard
Music: Jean-Louis Cortes, Performed by: Pierre Bloch, Jean-Louis Cortes
Choreography: Véronique Well
Stage manager: David Boutin
Performers: Xavier Jollivet, Tony Noyers alternating with Hélène Taudière, Claire Rieussec. Voiceover: Jeanne Cortes, Xavier Jollivet
Production: Groupe Démons et Merveilles
With help from: Département de Maine et Loire; La Fabrique - Lieu de Fabrique Cie Jo Bithume - Angers
Supported by: Centre Culturel J. Duhamel - Vitré; Centre Culturel G. Philipe - Calais; Les Soirs d'Eté - Le Mans; Théâtre du Garde Chasse - Les Lilas

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  • Place of capture : Cours de la Visitation
  • Collection : Mimos 2003

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