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Ici se trouvait l'URSS

  • Duration: 55 min
  • Russia
  • Adult audience
  • 362 vues

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Ici se trouvait l'URSS revisits the apocalyptic experience of a whole era sinking into History.

Ici se trouvait l'URSS revives the memory of a country which no longer exists on the map, but whose people, culture and literature remain firmly embedded in the collective memory.
Loose-limbed creatures, nightmarish visions: Andrej Ivaschnev and Marcella Soltran move within an imaginary universe peopled by hybrid beings, half-human beasts, two-headed monsters and other ghoulish humanoid visions, their fearsome silhouettes stalking the shadowy space.

Mime artists imbued with a rare intensity, Marcella Soltan and Andreï Ivachnev tread lightly along the infinitely fine line between tragedy and farce. Ici se trouvait l'URSS, directed by Dimitri Ariupïn, examines with a mixture of anguish and irony the blinding paradoxes that defined the unhappy end of the "land of the workers".
Ici se trouvait l'URSS is a metaphorical recreation of the collapse of the Soviet Union: violent, radical, shot through with irony and sunk by despair.


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Created and directed by: Dmitri Ariupin
Starring: Andrej Ivashnev, Marcella Soltan


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  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2001

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