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  • Duration: 1 h
  • France
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Cie Artonik

An unflinching monologue about the hidden sides of femininity and all its bittersweet illusions.

Caliente opens with seven cabins lined up on a trailer. In these cabins, each one two metres wide, seven housewives are just about to start their daily routine. The day begins, and they go about their usual occupations: clothes and make-up, washing, ironing, cooking. Each goes about her own business, oblivious to the voyeuristic gaze of the audience.
As the day goes on, their gestures paint a picture of their interior worlds, their little tics and habits and the sounds which punctuate their lives: the low hum of household appliances, the news bulletin from an Italian radio station, a few stray notes of accordion music, the plaintive call of a cello cutting through the noisome solitude…
As the temperature rises, defences are lowered and the characters begin to reveal themselves. From the mechanical nature of their daily routines to the stifled obsessions and fantasies which bubble beneath the surface, this show is an ode to the myriad hidden faces of the female experience.


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Original idea by: Caroline Selig
Composition and direction: Alain Beauchet
Sound design: André Serré
Architecture: Etienne Granguillot
Constructed by: Sylvain Georget
Visual installations: Caroline Selig
Performers: Natacha Mauzit, Anny-France Bonini, Muriel Tschaen, Charlotte Sanchez, Malorie Synaeghel, Pôm Bouvier-Bangillon, Céline Naji


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  • Place of capture : Place Montaigne
  • Collection : Mimos 2000