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Emerging collectives or confirmed companies, go meet the actors of the international scene of Arts du Mime et du Geste.

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  • Canada - Belgique
    Dominique Abel, born in Thuin (Belgium) and Fiona Gordon, a Canadian artist born in Australia, both from the class of 1957, have forged a tight artistic bond over the years.
  • France
    Laura de Nercy and Bruno Dizien are the founders of Roc In Lichen, and two of the pioneers of vertical dance.
  • Denmark - Iceland - Italy
    The combined talents of Paolo Nani and Kristjan Ingimarsson were the driving force behind The Art of Dying.
  • France
    Above all else, Oki Haiku Dan is the product of the friendship between two artists.
  • Great Britain
    Dance-Theatre company Falsa Amigo continues to explore and expand its artistic horizons with each new show.
  • Australia
    Stalker Theatre Company is one of Australia’s oldest multi-disciplinary theatre companies.
  • France
    Instinct Tubulaire is a theatre company named after a book of poems by Christophe Tarkos, combining theatre of movement with puppetry, music and poetry.
  • Japan
    Arrow Dance Communication is a dance company founded by Japanese dancer and choreographer Takeshi Yazaki.
  • Russia
    Maksim Isaev and Pavel Semtchenko, Russian-born puppeteers and fine arts graduates, are the founders of the Akhe Group.
  • France
    Opinioni in Movimiento is a company founded by Laura Scozzi, combining elements of dance, singing and theatre.
  • France
    Association W is a contemporary circus company founded by Jean Baptiste André, working to develop new projects in the performing arts.
  • Australia
    Igneous theatre company was founded by dancer-choreographer James Cunningham and multimedia artist and director Suzon Fuks.