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Performers, directors, artistic directors: focus on the major artists of the Arts of Mime and Gesture.

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  • Pays-Bas
    Chorégraphe, Metteur en scène, Interprète
    Barbara Duijfjes is an artist originally hailing from the Netherlands.
  • Etats-Unis
    Danseuse, Chorégraphe
    Maureen Fleming studied the art of Buto in Japan, and has earned an international reputation for her meditative, dream-like solo performances. She has been described by the New Yorker as "perhaps the foremost American practitioner of Buto".
  • France
    Chorégraphe, Metteur en scène, Interprète
    An American writer, clown and psychologist specialising in autism, Howard Buten is as well-known for his books as for his artistic work as his alter ego Buffo.
  • Japon
    Danseur, Metteur en scène, Interprète
    Kazuo Ohno was a Japanese dancer who became a highly-respected guru and inspirational figure in the discipline known as Butoh. As one writer described it, his “very presence was an artistic act.”
  • France
    Metteur en scène, Interprète
    Marcel Marceau was an emblematic artist who has come to embody the modern disciplines of mime and pantomime. His character Bip, a sort of latter-day Pierrot forever struggling to get to grips with the pitfalls of the modern world, earned him fame and acclaim all over the world
  • Brésil
    Metteur en scène, Interprète
    Roland Zee is a curious, clumsy explorer in an extraordinary universe of his own creation.
  • Europe-France
    Choreographer, Interpreter, Stage director
    Daniel Raffel has been a self-taught puppeteer since 1981.
  • America-United States
    Jango Edwards, born in Detroit as Stanley Ted Edwards, is an American clown and comedian who has lived in Europe since the early 1970s.
  • Europe-Czechoslovakia
    Maguy Marin is a French contemporary dancer and choreographer.
  • Europe
    Actor, Artistic director, Director
    Pep Bou has carved his legend in bubbles, crafting airborne flowers and impossible waves that not even water could reproduce. His soap bubble poetry is a wordless narrative packed with warmth and wit.
  • Europe-France
    Actor, Artistic director
    Jean-Paul Céalis was a visual artist and teacher with a passion for reusing everyday objects in surprising ways.
  • Europe
    Gardi Hutter, born in Altstätten (Saint-Gall), is a Swiss clown and comedian.