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La Vie en rose

  • Duration: 1 h 15
  • France
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Compagnie Cotillard - Jean-Claude Cotillard

La Vie en rose offers up an unflinching portrait of family life.

After Les hommes naissent tous ego, Jean-Claude Cotillard, a master of visual theatre and corrosive humour, returns with "La vie en rose", a searing portrait of an unusual family.
The mother is a tyrannical manic-depressive, while the father devotes his days to domestic obedience and his nights to techno raves. The son, trapped in this unholy microcosm, puts up with it as best he can… until the arrival of a bubbly new fiancée upsets the fragile balance of this farcical family.
Daily life rapidly descends into a ballet of impeccable comic timing, punctuated by slamming doors, music of all kinds, sound effects and onomatopoeic exclamations.
The ensuing maelstrom of confrontations, evasive manœuvres and domestic conflict also has much to say about female rivalry, male cowardice and intergenerational incomprehension.


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Created and directed by: Jean-Claude Cotillard
Stage design: Michel Heulin
Costumes: Caroline Revillion
Sound design: Franck Combe, Philippe Gonce
Stage direction: Niseema Theillaud
With: Zazie Delem, Jean-Claude Cotillard, Georges Ayusawa, Lisa David-Pingley


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  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2000