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#Blanche-Neige 2048

  • Duration: 1 h
  • France
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Théâtre Diagonale

A thoroughly modern show where Snow White becomes the bad guy, and her stepmother the victim… A 2.0 tale in which image is everything, and reputations are made and broken…

A woman, alone in a basement lit by neon strip lighting, illuminating the crumbling, post-industrial walls. She sits in a worn-out chair in front of a giant screen. She is reading. Anxiously, she observes the world through the prism of Big Data.
She looks at the Facebook page of her stepdaughter, who goes by the name Snow White. It turns out the young troublemaker has been posting videos denouncing her stepmother as a wicked old witch who mistreats her!
And it seems, to add insult to injury, that her stepdaughter has built up a global following on the basis of these spurious accusations…


Distribution and legal informations

Created and directed by: Esther Mollo, Jean Baptiste Drouler
Assisted by: Claire Carpentier
Real-time sound and video creation: Jean Baptiste Droulers
Light design: Richard Guyot
Additional writing: Yannic Mancel
Artistic support: Claire Heggen
Choreographic advice: Emilio Carrion
Costume design: Marie-Jeanne Smeets
Performer: Esther Mollo
Filmed performances: Chiara Majolino, Dominique Hache
With thanks to: Le Gymnase, CDC, Roubaix / Le 232U, Aulnoye Aymeries / L'Espace Culturel La Gare, Méricourt

Credit photo:Francis Aviet

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Sans Réserve
  • Collection : Mimos 2018

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