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Le Blanc d'Ombre

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Marta Carrasco

Le Blanc d'Ombre is a whirlwind spin through some of the key episodes in the life of Camille Claudel.

Trapped behind a film of translucent plastic, the fibrous figure of the actress is distorted into grotesque shadows, transformed into a series of free-flowing forms embodying history, memory and the subconscious.
Through a succession of suggestive and perfectly mimed images, Marta Carrasco explores the intimate secrets of the celebrated sculptor, teasing out her silent frustrations and hidden joys.


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Created, performed and directed by: Marta Carrasco
Stage direction: Marta Carrasco with Pep Bou in collaboration with Oscar Molina
Assistant director: Pedro Serka
Assistant choreographer: Silvia Garcia-Munté
Light design: Pep Bou, Jaume Ventura
Sculptures: Pilar Albaladejo, Monica Fernandez, Joaquim Camps
Costumes: Gabriel Azkoitia
Music: Maurice Ravel, René Aubry, Gilbert Gandil, Michael Rodach, Alberto Iglesias, Armand Amar, Anthony Braxton, Jacques Brel, W.A. Mozart, Pep Pascual, Tino Rossi


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  • Place of capture : 55 min
  • Collection : Mimos 2000

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