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Corps exposés

  • Duration: 30 min
  • Netherlands - Europe
  • For all
  • 366 vues

Sabina Holzer et Cornelia Zell

Femininity, mimed in all its splendour.

Sabrina Holzer and Cornelia Zell each have their own way of being beautiful, and their own way of being naked. Sabrina has short hair and a body of skin and bone. Cornelia is tall, with a flamboyant mane.
Against a rectangular, mirrored surface, they expose themselves. They expose their naked bodies to the audience’s gaze. Above all, they expose the essential truth of their womanhood: their methods of seduction and their acceptance of the menstrual cycle, with blood which marks their bodies, at once a hint of tragedy and a symbol of renewal.
Is this simple provocation, or a theatrical statement of striking sincerity? Corps exposés has taken audiences by surprise in the theatres and festivals where it has been performed, giving rise to considerable debate.
What seems to mark observers and audiences the most is the unflinching authenticity of this presentation.
Together, these two actresses with a background in mime and dance have discovered a uniquely personal language in which to express, wordlessly, things which women have never said before in the theatre.


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  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 1999