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  • Duration: 50 min
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Théâtre Diagonale

A performance-conference on the expressive potential of our hands. Mano a mano…

“The hand is merely an extension of our sensitivity and intelligence. The suppler it is, the more obedient it becomes.” Henri Matisse
The human hand is something of an emblem for our species, occupying a unique and privileged position in relation to the rest of our bodies. The hand, or rather the hands: left hand, right hand, functionally unsymmetrical and complementary. They are simultaneously a conduit for artistic expression, an object of study, an instrument, an iconographic motif, a symbol of humanity and alterity. In theatre, dance, cinema and photography, all arts focused on presenting and “framing” movement, exploring our image of the body, the hand is a fundamental anthropological phenomenon.
Hands have occupied a particular role in the career of Esther Mollo (mime artist, designer and teacher), providing a vast and complex field of investigation. But, in her physical theatre work, she repeatedly encountered the idea that hands are somewhat outdated as tools of expression; hence the idea of this conference-performance celebrating their incredible expressive potential. From the earliest prehistoric hand-prints to the latest digital arts, not forgetting the rich history of mime, she and her collaborator (Olivier Lautem) share their own questions and verbal, physical, acoustic and visual digressions.


Distribution and legal informations

Concept: Esther Mollo
Sound design and stage management: Olivier Lautem
Imagery and design of the interactive audio-visual system: Jean-Baptiste Droulers
Artistic advice: Philippe Potier
With the collaboration of: Alexandra Antoine, Delphine Bretesché
Performed by: Esther Mollo, Olivier Lautem

Photos credits : Francis Aviet

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  • Place of capture : Auditorium du Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2018

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