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Soy Imperfecta

  • Duration: 25 min
  • France
  • Adult audience
  • 310 vues

Cie Trace(s) en Poudres

A deep dive into the troubling world of female prostitution: a show which walks the razor’s edge between tenderness and violence.

Three women, their faces masked and their bodies clothed in stockings, open a window onto their troubled lives on the kerbside, letting their raw emotions do the talking.
Street theatre is often festive, oneiric, spectacular, but it can also be a space for reflection.
With Soy Imperfecta, theatre company Trace(s) en Poudre has decided to turn the spotlight on another side of the street, the world of prostitution. Voiceless, shorn of identity, their bodies go through the mechanical motions of mercantile sex.


Distribution and legal informations

Created and directed by: Aurélie Gard
Choreography: Création collective
Sound design: François Sardi, Chloé Chamulidrat
Coordination: Nath Bruère
Technical director: Arnaud Mignon
Videos / Photos: Gwenaël Mulsant
Costumes – Opening scene: Julie Deljehier
Performers: Lise Casazza, Laurence Leyrolles, Aurélie Gard
Co-produced by: Moulin Fondu - Noisy le Sec; Ville d'Aurillac - Théâtre
Supported by: Direction Régionale de la Jeunesse et des Sports - Prix Défi Jeunes; Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (DMDTS)
With support from: Crédit Agricole du Cantal; Intermarché Aurillac; Intersport Aurillac
With thanks to: Eric Bertrand; Marion Perdrix; Stéphanie Tavernier; Compagnie Oposito

More informations

  • Place of capture : Place de la Clautre
  • Collection : Mimos 2003