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La Fuite

  • Duration: 30 min
  • France
  • For all
  • 385 vues

Olivier Meyrou et Matias Pilet

Somewhere between the theatre of movement and acrobatic dance, a burlesque solo show about a world gone mad.

Hektor is homeless… Pursued by invisible forces, he is lost in hostile surroundings, embroiled in an endless series of scrapes in which even the simplest of things become aggressive (a pop-up tent, a photo booth, lap dogs etc.). He loses control of his body, sometimes becoming a prisoner to his own physique and at other times finding himself propelled into the most improbable and ill-advised movements. He is desperately seeking reassurance in a world which has no intention of welcoming him into its fold…
La fuite draws inspiration from the burlesque tradition of silent film, which often shone a spotlight on injustice and took up the defence of those left behind (e.g. Chaplin’s Tramp). The parallels between the early 20th century and the modern age are striking: unfettered capitalism, people drawn far from home in search of work, the difficulty of finding one’s place in the world… Hektor is unwanted, and needs to make himself useful in order to be accepted. His generous credulity turns a mirror on our own relationship with “Others”. His reactions are often unpredictable: Hektor is incorrigibly clumsy, making use of objects to express his own defiantly poetic, utopian vision…


Distribution and legal informations

With: Matias Pilet
Director: Olivier Meyrou
Stage manager: Jules Pierret
Sound and light design: Jules Pierret and Sofia Bassim
Co-produced with PNAC de Boulazac

Photos credit : Francis Aviet

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Cube, à Boulazac
  • Collection : Mimos 2018