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INUIT Las Personas

  • Duration: 1 h 15
  • Espagne
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Cie Marti-Atanasiu

A black comedy dissecting the relationship between master and servant.

Some of us slip into the cracks between dreams and reality, while others skip gaily between the two. Catalan duo Xavier Marti and Christian Atanasiu are lucky enough to belong to the latter camp. And yet, their lives are far from easy.
In their topsy-turvy world, hands get stuck in pockets indefinitely, servants suffocate their masters through sheer enthusiasm, friends talk with such excitement that their shirts end up in rags, corpses critique their own death…
The brutal simplicity of the gestural language deployed by these musclebound forty-somethings has something of the lumberjack about it. But the sparkle in their eyes is a warning that appearances can be deceiving…
A sparkle which caught the imagination of audiences at the Moers Comedy Arts Festival in 1998, where they won the Innovation Award.


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Photos credits : Maurice Melliet


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  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 1999