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Initok et Esil

  • Duration: 1 h
  • France
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Raie Manta Cie - Lise Pauton

A remarkable duet, an excursion into the strange land of the “full-body grimace”

Two neighbours are separated by an imaginary wall… She is French, he is Ukrainian. A clock dictates their daily routine: by day, a monotonous life characterised by an absurd attention to small details; by night, a cavalcade of fantasies, nightmare, the coming together of hybrid beings. The two protagonists are joined by an imaginary cat, a sort of metamorphosed devil…
Initok & Esil is the third instalment in a trilogy of international collaborations led by contortionist Lise Pauton (RaieManta Cie). This time, in partnership with Ukrainian clown-contortionist Kotini Junior (real name Konstantine Andreitchenko), she explores the art of Russian clowns, or “Gentlemen of laughter.”
In this unique blend of love story, social satire, burlesque comedy and fantastical tale, inspired by the cinema of Buster Keaton and Russian and Ukrainian fantasy literature, Lise and Konstantine transcend the traditional attributes of the white clown and his sidekick Auguste. Packed with improvisations and wrong turns which constantly blur the lines between reason and absurdity, this show is essentially a “body comedy” with particularly strong imagery: the grimace, usually restricted to the face, spreads and expands to become a “full-body grimace”.

Distribution and legal informations

Created, directed and performed by: Kotini Junior, Lise Pauton
With advice from: Yves Marc
Light design: Jean-Luc Maurs
Original sound design: Léo Plastaga
Artistic assistance: Véronique Pauton
Production/administration: bureau Tout’art, Myriam Chaabouni, Margaux Duchêne


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  • Place of capture : Le Lieu (Saint-Paul-de-Serre)
  • Collection : Mimos 2018