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Piccoli Sentimenti

  • Duration: 45 min
  • Italy - Belgium
  • Young audience
  • 409 vues

Tof Théêtre et Teatro Delle Briciole

A celebration of wonder and artistic sensibility…

A small theatre houses a garden packed with little niches, hiding places and soothing sounds… A picture of bucolic calm. Until, suddenly, something begins to move below ground: a strange creature emerges, a sort of earthworm with a clown’s head, a tiny little thing. With his puppeteer in full view, he sets off to explore the rich sensory world around him, gradually transforming as he sees, touches, hears and feels what it has to offer: from curiosity to fear, surprise to joy, desire to anger… a flood of “little feelings” which help him to grow. Two musicians and actors keep watch over the mischievous progress of this curious little fellow, kindly guiding him through a whole day of discoveries, from sun-up to sun-down. The fantastical, poetical puppet world of Belgian company TOF Théâtre, the art brut of Antonio Catalano (Teatro delle Briciole) and the inventive sounds of patamusician Max Vandervorst make for a joyous combination in this celebration of wonder and artistic sensibility.


Distribution and legal informations

Concept: Alain Moreau, Antonio Catalano (with the help of Sandrine Hooge and Céline Robaszynski)
Direction, puppets: Alain Moreau
Set design: Alain Moreau (with Antonio Catalano)
Music, sound, instruments: Max Vandervorst
Light and sound experiments: Dimitri Joukovsky
Light design: Emiliano Curà (with Dimitri Joukovsky)
Artistic collaboration: My-Linh Bui, Céline Robaszynski, Sarah Demarthe
Performed by: Lisou De Henau, Jean-Pierre Pagliari


More informations

  • Place of capture : Chapelle Bertran de Born
  • Collection : Mimos 2018