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Femina ex machina

  • Duration: 45 min
  • Spain
  • Adult audience
  • 361 vues

Conservas - Simona Levi

Femina ex machina is a series of seven tableaux linked by their refreshingly abrasive humour.

Femina ex machina makes a mockery of stereotypes of femininity by taking a peek behind the curtain. The show also sketches out a sort of Cubist caricature of certain forms of perceived wisdom.
Simona Levi remixes the ideals and standards of femininity with a fantastical sense of imagination, pricking the collective conscious with her mischievous, cruel lucidity. Her “buffoon theatre” turns the axe of derision on the conventional figures of the collective imagination. At once furious animal and goddess of love, Simona Levi is simultaneously fragile, sensitive and uninhibited, filming her body locked in battle with bizarre pataphysical machines, conjuring up surrealist images of astonishing sincerity. These unlikely situations are all about disrupting traditional images of femininity, that curious object of desire, with fearless intelligence and tender irony.


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Created and directed by: Simona Levi, Dominique Granmougin
Texts: Rafael Metlikovec
Video: Woman led by pig
Machines: Bart Sabel, Eba, Jordan Ferre, Simona Levi
With: Madish Falzoni, Simona Levi, Albert Rial, Judith Saula, Paco Beltran


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  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2001