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  • Duration: 1 h
  • France - South Korea
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Cies La Volga et Homo Ludens

A choreographic duet all about the human condition: funny, uncompromising, yet tender.

Two men grapple with the absurdities of a world which stokes their primal impulses and base instincts. They interact, play and confront one another with a blend of fraternity, generosity, jealousy, arrogance and plain meanness…
Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Acts Without Words, 2 K considers the timeless, universal truths of Man - Homo Sapiens – his doubts, his limitations, his weaknesses. The stage direction consists primarily of choreographed sequences designed to highlight the physical, gestural dimension of the human experience. There is no narrative logic at work here, simply a juxtaposition of situations inviting us to explore the innermost recesses of human behaviour. Hesitation, adaptation, flight, abnegation, obsession, interrogation… What if these two men were actually caged guinea pigs, their every move subjected to scrutiny? Two case studies dissected with an incisive humour and a certain poetic sensibility; a humorous, uncompromising and yet tender meditation on the human condition.
A collaboration between the Ardèche-based outfit La Volga and the Korean theatre company Homo Ludens, 2 K was originally created as part of the France-Korea year of culture in 2016. This new version was premiered in 2019.


Distribution and legal informations

Created and performed by: Geung Ho Nam, Laurent Clairet
Soundscape: Laurent Clairet
Music: Hugues Le Bars
Lights: Jean Philippe Viguie
Costumes: Gyonginn Kim
Stage manager: Yo Hoon Jang
Scenery: Kisun Song, Laurent Clairet
Production: La Volga ; Cie Homo Ludens
Co-production: L’Odyssée Scène conventionnée d’intérêt national « Art et création », Périgueux; Théâtre Cornillon, Gerzat; Abattoirs, Riom; Yzeurespace
With support from: Saint Fargeol; Marcillat en Combrailles; Korean National University of Arts de Séoul. Label Institut Français / France-Korea Year 2016

Photo credit:Francis Aviet

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  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2019