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  • Duration: 25 min
  • Spain
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Cie Delrevés

The performers of Compagnie Delrevés take balance as the starting point for their latest project, "UNO".

They dance, run and spin around, with one key difference… the floor is vertical! Using a sheer façade to define their movements, the artists explore the weightlessness of verticality with magical results. Flying but never falling, they play out an intriguing aerial ballet in which up and down soon become hard to distinguish. The power and beauty of a life without gravity…
Their starting point is Leonardo Da Vinci and his work on universal equilibrium, invoking famous images from his work such as the ‘Vitruvian Man,’ a study of the proportions of the human body which has been adopted as a humanist symbol, positing man at the centre of the universe.
They also hint at Leonardo’s experiments with weights, and his obsession with the Fibonacci sequence.
For this new production, Delrevès have moved beyond their usual duo format to create their first three-handed vertical dance show.
The concept involves avoiding all physical and visual contact between the performers throughout the entirety of the show, putting the expressive power of the individual front and centre.
Their aim is to decontextualise classical dance, reshaping and reinterpreting it on the vertical plane.
Pointe technique provides a metaphor for instability, and the sometimes arduous task of achieving equilibrium, adding further heft to the piece as it explores new frontiers of vertical movement.

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Artistic Director: Saioa Fernández (assistant: Eduardo Torres)
Choreographed and performed by: Saioa Fernández, Eduardo Torres and Sheila Ferrer
Original music: Manuel Dabove
Sound and light design: Genis Morral
Costume design: Cia Delrevés
Production: Cia Delverès.
With support from: Generalitat de Catalunya / Departament de Cultura

Photos credit : Christophe Castagnier

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  • Place of capture : Esplande Robert Badinter
  • Collection : Mimos 2019