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7 Dust Show

  • Duration: 1 h
  • France
  • Adult audience
  • 378 vues


A total performance, a bewildering ballet of mime, dance, short texts, video projections and music.

The setting: a modern-day cabaret, complete with waiters, presenters, singers, strippers, etc.
On the stage: tables and chairs, TV sets, etc. A cinema screen is attached to the wall. The audience is seated on stage (at tables) as well as out in the room. A squadron of waiters begin to fuss about, the show is about begin...
The actors, who are also dancers, set about finding comedy in unexpected, even troubling places, cocking a hoop at conventions. Melding together comedy, sex, violence, dance, mime and video, Conservas creates something entirely new. Originality and creativity are the hallmarks of this latter-day cabaret, where the audience becomes an integral part of the show.


Distribution and legal informations

Directed by: Simona Levi, with the support of Dominique Grandmougin
Stage design: Lali Canosa and E.B.A., Conservas
Costumes: Carlos Cervera
Lighting: Alta Rigamonti / Cube
Music: Maddish Falzoni i Gat, Xavi Marx, Monica Oca
Sound: Xavi Marx
Script: Espacio Tangente
Video: Mariana Jaroslavsky. Video editing: Arco y Flecha / Demi Conservas
Dancers in the videos: Monica Muntaner, Sofia Asencio, Mireia Serra
Insects: Daniel Burgas Museo de zoologia de Barcelona - Sra. Olga Boet
Hair and fur: Patricia M. Arnaiz / Monje's
Performers on stage: Maddish Falzoni, Agnès Monteus, Albert Rial, Judit Sauia
With help from: Institut de Cultura de Barcelona; Mercat de las Flors; La Generalitat de Catalunya
With thanks to: Paco Beltran; Bea Fernandez; Nonna Ciana, Sra Saula; Mercedes Julia; Ramon Rey; Xavier Theros; Sophie Borthwick; Antunez, Marc Sarda; Toni Mira; Alexis Eupierre; Pilar Lopez; Mark Cunningham; Jorda Ferré; David els maggs Micky i Luis; Jordi Comelias; Federica Sciaulino; Ted Krasni; Pierre Pilatte; Ariadna i Math; VideoLab; Kevin Light; Mariana; Ivo; Hot Pants


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  • Place of capture : Salle omnisports du Toulon
  • Collection : Mimos 2003