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Toi Skieur !

  • Duration: 30 min
  • Czech republic
  • Adult audience
  • 343 vues

Bilé Divadlo - Théâtre Blanc

Six skiers glide towards the audience, skis on feet and poles in hand but otherwise totally naked

The skiers appear to be totally unfazed by their nudity, which is probably for the best since they’re not exactly models or athletes. Just normal men, with bellies and hairy chests and balding pates… They live their lives as if no one is watching, immune to social shame. A sense of freedom and acceptance which proves to be a wonderful breath of fresh air. Together they live through the experience of a group of humans coping with the death of one of their own. They tearfully sort out the details of the funeral, raise a beer to the deceased… and life goes on.
Toi, Skieur ! is the theatrical transposition of an album of humorous and fantastical cartoons by Martin Velisek. The stark reality of the naked bodies accentuates the fierce comedy of the writing. Who among us will retain their humanity? This liberating show tackles that question while casting a wry eye over society and its lies. Théâtre Blanc describe it as a grotesque meditation on the absurdity of life, filled with laughter and cathartic chills, shot through with a robust, Brueghelian sense of morality.


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  • Place of capture : Esplanade Robert Badinter
  • Collection : Mimos 2002