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  • Duration: 2 h 30
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Cie Cirque Baroque

Ningen means "being human" in Japanese.

How is it possible for a show to be so faithful to the words of a writer, when the show itself eschews words in favour of physicality, music, cries and colours?
This show represents Cirque Baroque’s attempt to translate the œuvre of the great Japanese author Mishima into the realm of physical theatre. It is what creators Christian Taguet and Agustin Letelier call a "mise en cirque”.
Passion, sex, taboos, lust for life, the lure of death, the love of the fight, the spectre of crucifixion: all are evoked in this succession of tableaux, played with absolute commitment by performers who plunge from the rafters on trapezes, defying the laws of gravity and equilibrium.
Oriental art, martial rituals and the legacy of the samurai all feed in to this vision of controlled chaos, which also nods to some of the great martyrs of European history, including Saint Sebastian and Joan of Arc.
At once extremely wild and supremely refined, Ningen is both an impressive artistic achievement and a sumptuous theatrical experience.


Distribution and legal informations

Concept and stage design: Christian Taguet
Director: Agustin Letelier
Assistant director: Joël Colas
Décors and costumes: Enzo Iorio
Japanese costumes: Kaoru Nakano
Design and costume assistants: Daniel Chotard, Emilie Paris, Sophie Menin, Barbara Sedon
Masks: Daniel Cendron
Music: Pierre Billon, Pascal Fernandez et François Morel
Choreography: Eric Stieffatre
Lights: Jean-Marie Prouvèze
Sound: Ivan Roussel, Jean Pierre Legrand
Featuring: Michel Arias, Xavier Bouyer, Laurent Coudurier, Josselin Disdier, Céline Dupuis, Cécilia Hermosilla-Palma, Aurélie Horde, Yannick Javaudin, Thierry Joutard, Solange Lima, Laure Monot, François Morel, Alejandro Nunez-Flores, Eros Pereira-Galvao, Benoît Taguet, Jean-Baptiste Taguet and Vincent Warin
Photos credits : Maurice Melliet


More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 1999