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Marchand de sable

  • Duration: 45 min
  • Netherlands
  • Adult audience
  • 327 vues

The Lunatics

Marchand de sable is a piece sprung from the backlit imagination of an internet prodigy.

Darkness. The ground is covered with sand. Three explorer-adventurers arrive from afar, in search of new forms of existence amid this strange, desert landscape dominated by a gigantic metal silo. Who are Wee, Willie and Winkie? Pioneers from another planet? Adventurers out to conquer lands unknown?
Using every trick in the book as they attempt to scale this insurmountable obstacle, this trio of unusual biker-cum-cosmonauts engage in a curious “cyber-ballet” as they search for signs of life.
But what exactly do they hope to find?


Distribution and legal informations

Directed by: The Lunatics, Arie Peterse
Story: Aus Greidanus
Production: La Fondation Pigthing, Sander Mieras
Costumes: Lory Caldarella
Stage design: Les Fous
Light design: Les Fous
Music: Eric Bakker, The Lunatics
Performed by: Eric Bakker, Koos Hogeweg, Rutger Bergboer, Koos Hogeweg, Ton van Wolde


More informations

  • Place of capture : Place Mauvard
  • Collection : Mimos 2000