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  • Duration: 40 min
  • France
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Cie Kartoffeln

Seashells and crustaceans... A farcical look at our beach behaviour.

The beach is both an intimate space dedicated to sensory pleasure (the warmth of the sun and sand, the cool water) and a busy public place governed by its own rituals, roles and rules of decency.
In a succession of short scenes, Cie Kartoffeln offer a comic dissection of our seaside habits: sunbathing, getting your trunks on, seduction rituals in bikinis… Casting a wry eye on the way we behave on the sand (so different from other public places), the performers break down and reorganise familiar postures and gestures to exploit their full comic-choreographic potential.
Their deconstructed gestures are combined with the intelligent use of objects (towels, rubber rings, shop dummies, etc.), often deployed as catalysts for movement. Jazz, tango, rock, sirtaki… each sketch takes on its own distinctive rhythm and atmosphere.


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Created and directed by: Denis Barré
Performers: Olivier Chapus, Delcho Koprivshki, Estelle Sorribas, Pascal Vochelet
Produced by: Cie Kartoffeln
With support from: Ville de Marseille (creative grant)

Photo credit:Francis Aviet

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  • Place of capture : Square Jean Jaurès
  • Collection : Mimos 2019