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Dr Nest

  • Duration: 1h25
  • Germany
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Familie Flöz

Who is mad and who isn’t? A mysterious map of the human brain, conveyed by the incredible masks of the Familie Flöz

The starting point for this adventure is an asylum, a metaphor for the family, the village or society as a whole which also operates on a more intimate scale: the human brain, or just a single cell. The rigid timetable and strict rules correspond to our belief in order. This clearly-established framework allows us to focus our attention on the inmates, or patients, who paradoxically appear to have no conception of order whatsoever.
The hero, the monster and the saviour are archetypes, appearing not only in the Minotaur myth, but also in any number of stories which peer into the depths and dark recesses of our psyche.
Dominated by data sharing and global networks, and the creeping intrusion of post-capitalism into the private sphere, we somehow find ourselves at once isolated and over-connected. All we need to do now is realise what we have sacrificed in the name of boundless growth, rampant interconnection and the monopoly of information.


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Artists: Beniamin Reber, Anna Kistel, Fabian Baumgarten, Mats Suethoff, Bjoern Leese
Technicians: Reinhard Hubert, Dirk Schröder
Director: Hajo Schueler
Coproduction: L’Odyssée

Photo credi:Francis Aviet

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  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2018