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Amoli, Como Lo Dijo Amlet

  • Duration: 1 h
  • Spain - Chile - France
  • Adult audience
  • 345 vues

Cie Karlik Danza Theatro

Pantomime, acrobatics, dance… A full-bore theatrical reimagining of one of Shakespeare’s most legendary plays: Hamlet.

The King of Denmark has been assassinated by his brother Claudius: without the slightest hint of respect for moral convention, the killer has usurped the throne and married his brother’s widow, Gertrude. The ghost of the deceased king appears to his son, Hamlet, revealing the circumstances of his death and demanding vengeance.
This work of total theatre is the fruit of two years of intense intellectual and physical preparation. Pantomime, dance, acrobatics and acting are all deftly deployed to offer a vibrant reimagining of one of the greatest works in the history of theatre: Hamlet. Mauricio Céledon, founder of Teatro del Silencio, presents a monumental staging of Shakespeare’s classic revenge tragedy. In addition to its striking aluminium set, Amoli captures the imagination with its profusion of languages, passions and compelling performances.


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Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet
Translated and adapted by: Mauricio Celedon
Stage direction: David Perez
Stage design: Talleres May
Fabric creation: Antonio Perez
Technical direction: F. Derobert, G. Letestu, J. Michel Raussou
Costume design: Claudia Verdejo. Costumes created by Isabel Gama, Luisa Penco, Claudia Verderjo
Music: Nelson Rojas
Arrangements: Ismael Oddo
Musicians: Nelson Rojas, Ismael Oddo, J.L. Martin "Keke"
Acrobatic directors: Sebastien Bruas, Cécil Leveneu
Choreography: Cristina D. Silveir
Lighting design: Kiko Planas
Lighting technician: Francisco Cordero
Sound technician: Juan Luis Moreno
Operators: José Luis Martin, César Arias
Production: David Perez - César Arias
Performers: Elena Lucas, Cristina D. Silveira, Dunia Parejo, Nazaret Laso, Ana Garcia, Luisa Santos Francis Lucas, Fermin Nunez, Jose Recio, Félix Mendez, Fernando Segador


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  • Place of capture : Années 2000
  • Collection : Mimos 2003