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Theater Meschugge

Theater Meschugge
  • Germany

Born in Darmstadt, Ilka Schönbein trained in the art of eurythmic dance with Rudolph Steiner, a firm believer in the power of combining soulful movement with the art of puppetry, inspired by the work of Albrecht Roser in Stuttgart. Ilka spent a decade performing with various theatre companies before founding her own, Meschugge, and devoting herself to her own productions. She always considers these works to be unfinished, existing in a state of constant, living creation.
In 2005, Ilka embarked upon an artistic collaboration with Mary Sharp and invited Nathalie Pagnac to join her on her winter tour. These performances involved a combination of physical acting and lyric singing, exploring the expression of pain through the effacement of body and voice.


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