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Le Colombier & Le Théâtre du Cristal

Le Colombier & Le Théâtre du Cristal
  • 1989
  • France

Théâtre du Cristal has been an official Pôle Art Handicap company since 2010, dedicated to ensuring that people living with disability have access to art and culture, while also raising awareness of disability issues through cultural and artistic activities. The goal is to offer new perspectives on disabilities, bringing together cultural institutions and institutions from the medical and social sectors.
Under the artistic direction of Olivier Couder, the company has staged around fifteen performances of works by modern and contemporary authors: Beckett, (Dramaticules), Calaferte (Un riche , trois pauvres), Le Dernier Cri, Morin Racine (Ô!), Foissy (Vu du banc), Bruhnes (Fracas)...
Partnered with ESAT La Montagne since 2004, Théâtre du Cristal trains people with disabilities for careers as professional actors. This partnership is all about encouraging social inclusion and openness. The company now comprises a permanent troupe of fifteen actors with disabilities, working with non-disabled performers such as Patricia Zehm, Pierre Jules Billon, Eric Morin Racine, Gilbert Epron...


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