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  • Italy

For Stefano Amori and Luca Lomazzi, mime is the most effective form of expression there is when it comes to representing absurd situations, strange characters and unusual places, all with nothing more than a bare stage, two performers and a minimum of technical trickery.
Stefano Amori is a graduate of the École Internationale de Mimodrame Marcel Marceau who also trained as an acrobat at the Annie Fratellini National Circus School.
He has also worked and collaborated with a number of companies specialising in baroque music and gestural theatre (Poème Harmonique, Shlemil Théâtre, Cie Cathar6, Cie de l'Embarcadère...), performing all over the world.
After graduating from the School of Dramatic Arts in Bologna "Accademia 96", Luca Lomazzi met Stefano at the École International de Mimodrame Marcel Marceau.
Since then, in addition to their ongoing collaboration, he has worked with numerous companies on projects combining elements of mime, theatre, dance and music (Cie Acta Fabula, Cie Dété, Orchestre du Grand Eustache, Cie Zefiro Torna & Cie Corpo Barocco, la Troupe des Bouffons de Paris).
A passionate photographer, he also shoots freelance while continuing to explore other artistic disciplines.


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Mimos 2003

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  • France

    A dash of Tex Avery, a splash of Baron de Munchausen and Don Quixote, two measures of mime and a hearty dose of acrobatic theatre.