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Théâtre de la Mezzanine

Théâtre de la Mezzanine
  • 1979
  • France

After starting out with a series of performances of works from the contemporary canon (Mamet, Lorca, Ghelderode), Théâtre de la Mezzanine abandoned textuality in 1991 to develop a new theatrical grammar which melds materials, sounds and images into an original dramatic vocabulary.
Dubbed the “poet of disaster” by the press, Denis Chabroullet’s hallucinatory creations and off-kilter dreams are aided and abetted by the soundscapes and musical creations of Roselyne Bonnet des Tuves and the expert assistance of Cécile Maquet.
Denis Chabroullet creates gestural, visual and musical performances on a grand scale. His pieces are freely inspired by sporting exploits, and often take on a political tone.
Based in an abandoned garden centre in Lieusaint since 2001, nicknamed ‘LA SERRE’ (French for greenhouse), Théâtre de la Mezzanine has established its very own haven of creativity and inventiveness dedicated to contemporary writing and shared adventures with amateur enthusiasts.


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