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  • 1994
  • Spain

A member of the new generation of “agitators” taking Catalan theatre by storm, Simona Lévi is a major figure in Barcelona’s cultural landscape. Dancer, graduate of the Ecole Jacques Lecoq, and former pupil of J. Grotowski, Yiya Diaz and J. Strasberg, this “one-woman band” is a whirlwind force as performer, set designer and director. Ultimately, the failings of our society provide the raw material for her art.
Founded in 1994, Conservas has grown to encompass both a research facility and a performance space (based in a former dairy, one of Barcelona’s last authentic underground cultural spots). This HQ is a genuinely transgressive space, a breeding ground for the theatre of the future that has earned a loyal following thanks to the rich imagery and unconventional staging of its shows, particularly its performance art cycles and visual art exhibitions.


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Mimos 2003

Mimos 2001


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  • France

    A total performance, a bewildering ballet of mime, dance, short texts, video projections and music.