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Théâtre Clipa

Théâtre Clipa
  • 1995
  • Europe

Théâtre Clipa is borne aloft by the oneiric colours of mythology, surfing the waves of dreamy imagery.
The company’s shows are conceived as a succession of sequences, defying linear narrative logic in favour of fantasy. Deftly balancing abstraction and emotion, Clipa’s productions are visual poems with a unique sense of lyricism and seemingly inexhaustible inventiveness. The company’s somewhat surrealist aesthetic comes wrapped in a tissue of allegories, lights, sounds and rhythms.
The company was founded by Dmitry Tyulpanov, a former member of Derevo Theatre Company, and Idit Herman, a dancer with the Bat-Sheva Dance Company. Together they revel in breaking down barriers between artistic disciplines. The troupe’s members come from a variety of backgrounds in the visual arts, theatre, dance, music and even gymnastics. They are all-round artists, collaborating on every aspect of their shows: costumes, sets, music etc.


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