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Cie A et O

Cie A et O
  • 1995
  • France

This minimal name is derived from the characters who inhabited Colas’ first piece, two polar opposites in the same universe, the female A and the male O serving as Alpha and Omega. The company was officially founded three years after the first incarnation of A&O, with the premiere of “&” in 1995. This wordless clown creation was essentially an adaptation of Joël Colas’ distinctive clowning repertoire for two performers. Still performed to this day, the show really took off in 1998 after highly successful stints at Chalon dans la rue and the Éclats festival in Aurillac. The piece has gone on to become a major hit, performed in theatres and in the street, in France and overseas (racking up over 500 performances and counting).
A&O is a micro-company inextricably linked with the creative adventures of its founder, a home for his theatrical offspring since the creation of his second original show in 2004. “KaO?”- cas à O? is an exploration of solitude, written and brought to life, visually and aurally, by Joël Colas himself.


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