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Emerging collectives or confirmed companies, go meet the actors of the international scene of Arts du Mime et du Geste.

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  • France
    An artistic fraternity united by a passion for comedy, the circus, music and travel, firm in the belief that theatre should be popular and as close as possible to the audience.
  • Finland
    Ville Wallo and Kalle Hakkarainen are two Finnish artists who deploy their art as a means of presenting a new vision of the world.
  • France
    Annabel Guérédrat taught literature and history before deciding to devote herself to dance and founding her own company, Compagnie Artincidence.
  • Great britain
    Indian Runner Production is an English living arts company dedicated to creating, distributing and producing contemporary and innovative plays and choreography.
  • Netherlands
    Bambie is a collective consisting of actors, mimes and dancers from different Dutch companies.
  • France
    Originally from East Germany and a member of the Théâtre Corps Acteur, Grit Krausse founded Compagnie Escale with Hugues Hollenstein.
  • Canada
    Sylvie Chartrand is an artist who founded Productions de la Gargouille.
  • Germany
    Formerly dancers in East Germany, Sven Till and Wolfgang Hoffmann transformed a disaffected brasserie into an experimentation space - the Fabrik Potsdam - that is open to dance, music and theatre.
  • Canada
    Omnibus was founded by Jean Asselin and Denise Boulanger, and has built up a solid reputation through its work on the body and translating emotions into movement.
  • France
    As its name suggests, "Aïtal", or "that's how it is" in Occitan, says things with simplicity and authenticity, like the little flame that fires Victor and Kati in their relationship with the world and with others: simply and confidently.
  • Canada - Germany - Switzerland
    The "2" are Andreas Manz and Bernard Stoeckli, the "1" is Kai Leclerc, a Canadian actor-acrobat-magician. The 3 form the 2 Piu 1 company.
  • France
    The Carnaboul’System company derives its energy from the circus arts. They present their shows in gardens and in the street, while continuing their training: dance, theatre, acrobatics, object manipulation, martial arts and more.