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Teatro Linea de Sombra

Teatro Linea de Sombra
  • 1993
  • Mexique

Teatro Linea de Sombra is a cultural project founded in 1993 in Monterrey by a team of directors, educators, researchers and actors, working in close collaboration with musicians, stage designers, visual artists and creators from other related disciplines.
The country is based in the Coyoacán region of Mexico, home to its creative research and teaching centre. The company’s creations explore the possibilities of contemporary theatre and the mechanisms by which it can interact with other forms of performance and creativity, nationally and internationally. This project aims to probe the alternative worlds which exist at the frontiers of the visual arts, music, video and the boundless opportunities offered by the collision of “theatre” with other forms of performance art. The research conducted by Teatro Linea de Sombra also focuses on the processes that underpin creation and performance, drawing on new dramatic structures and/or forms of writing, imagining new cross-disciplinary processes and creating new connections with other fields of knowledge.


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