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Bilé Divadlo - Théâtre Blanc

Bilé Divadlo - Théâtre Blanc
  • 1982
  • Tchèquie

Théâtre Blanc first came on the scene with Barrage d'éternité inspired by Bohumil Hrabal. Aggressive, expressive and dynamic, the company had already hit upon its distinctive style of raw performance and close contact with the audience.
Théâtre Blanc has gone on to produce a number of successful events, often in outdoor settings, as well as performing works by Holan, Bulatovic, Beckett (Oh ! les beaux jours and La dernière bande dans une même soirée), organising training programmes and collaborating on various projects (films, exhibitions), driven by a constant desire to “escape our insignificance and share in a powerful sense of meaning”.
Théâtre Blanc organises an annual street theatre festival under the banner Quelque part quelque chose.


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