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Maboul Distorsion

Maboul Distorsion
  • 1992
  • France

Since 1992, Maboul Distorsion has been crafting its own distinctive blend of clowning, theatre of movement and the use (or misuse) of objects. They take everyday people and situations as their starting point, gradually shaking, twisting and contorting them to the point of absurdity. What they are looking for is that tiny crack which opens up to reveal a new dimension, a glimpse at the universal truths which underpin human relationships. Long affiliated with the world of circus performance, more recently the company has been getting back to its roots in street performance, drawn back to the public arena as a space where anything can happen.

In the interests of democracy, solidarity and shared responsibility among all members, the company obtained Scop Sarl status in 2007. This move is a clear expression of the company’s philosophy, based on honesty, transparency, social responsibility and altruism.
The other defining moment in the company’s history so far was their first meeting with Raymond Peyramaure, the artistic director of the Oiseaux Fous who has since become a creative brother-in-arms. The members of Maboul have worked with Raymond in France and in Germany, exploring the techniques of clowning, masked performance and the theatre of objects.


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