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Théâtre de Momzit

Théâtre de Momzit
  • Corée du Sud

Yu Jin Gyu is endlessly fascinated by wordless theatre, and the boundless potential for expressing meaning through movement.
Trained in the European mime tradition by Etienne Decroux, he started out performing in the 1970s at E Je Tto, a performance space at the forefront of Korea’s avant-garde in that period.
In 1983, despairing that his work was ultimately futile, he upped sticks to the province of Kangwon to herd cattle. He subsequently opened a restaurant.
This lost weekend was to last for five years, during which time he learned to appreciate the importance of relaxation and introspection.
He finally returned to the stage thanks to the persistent pleas of producer Shin Young Cheol, who had come to realise that mime was an art form at risk of extinction.
Driven by an acute awareness of the contradiction at the heart of each individual, that paradoxical longing to be different and yet also to be just like everyone else, Yu Jin Gyu found his artistic home in mime.


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