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Cie L'Intestine

Cie L'Intestine
  • 2002
  • France

Laëtitia Angot and Thomas Chopin founded L'Intestine after two years of collaboration as authors, actors and dancers. With each new performance they continue to probe the dramatic potential of movement.
Together their goal is to shine a light on the internal movements which define and direct the human experience, combining an array of physical praxes such as acrobatics, dance, clowning and mime with more traditional dramatic structures inspired by writers such as Roland Barthes and Botho Strauss.
Laëtitia Angot is an actress, dancer and director with a degree in theatre and cinema studies.
While studying for a degree in history, Thomas Chopin also worked as a juggler and immersed himself in theatre, dance and acrobatics. As a writer and performer, his aim is to strike the perfect balance between acting, movement and object theatre.

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