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Cie Studio Marta

Cie Studio Marta
  • 1992
  • Tchèquie

The majority of Studio Marta’s members are enrolled on the acting programme at JAMU in Brno, reserved for students with hearing difficulties. The JAMU programme lasts three years and includes modules on theoretical subjects such as teaching, psychology, educational methods, the art of theatre and the history of culture, along with practical classes in gymnastics, juggling, acrobatics, dance and tap. The programme aims to stimulate not only students’ capacities of physical expression, but also their all-round creativity.
Theatrical classes include a particular focus on physical theatre. Nevertheless, as well as learning the arts of dance and mime like the institute’s other students, those with impaired hearing engage in a profound exploration of the artistic potential of sign language.
Graduates of the programme receive a university degree. The aim is not only to train young performers, but also the next generation of teachers who will translate this spirit of performance into their work with deaf children. The ultimate aim of this programme is to break down the barriers that impede communication between those with hearing difficulties and those without.


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