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Cia Maduixa

Cia Maduixa
  • 2004
  • Spain

Maduixa was born in Sueca (Valencia, Spain), originally devoted to producing stage and street theatre for audiences of all ages. In 2006, the success of the show Maniàtics prompted the artists to turn professional, founding their own production company in 2008.

Their ambition to continue growing and exploring new disciplines cemented the solid foundations laid by the company’s first creations, establishing the values which underlie all of their work: combining elements of theatre, dance, visual art and new technologies, all backed up with creative direction and excellent performances. This multi-disciplinary approach truly bore fruit with the show Ras!, establishing the company as a major international force through performances at festivals in Spain, France, Italy and Norway, as well as an extensive tour of France. The company’s multi-disciplinary spirit is alive and well, with the added ambition of using choreography and visual communication to create a new mode of expression aimed at children.

The company also handles some of the more practical aspects of artistic creation, including organisational duties for the Sueca International Mime Festival (Mostra Internacional de Mim), an event held annually since 1989.

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