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Compagnie de Fakto

Compagnie de Fakto
  • 2002
  • France

Founded in Lyon by Aurélien Kairo, Compagnie De Fakto’s track record includes a series of shows rooted in hip-hop culture, but also inspired by the traditions of mime. Following on from a performance piece for four dancer-beatboxers, which explored relationships between men and women, this year De Fakto are hitting the streets of France with an original creation inspired by some of the classic archetypes of street art, translated into a series of danced “portraits”.

Since 2008, the company’s close partnership with the Frappaz CNAREP workshops in Villeurbanne has yielded a string of original pieces designed to be performed in public places. Between 2011 and 2016, Aurélien Kairo was an official artistic partner of the Maison de la Culture in Nevers. From the outset, Compagnie De Fakto has placed great emphasis on reaching out to young (and not-so-young) people through events such as hip-hop festivals and the parade which caps off Lyon’s biennial dance festival. The company also works with local schools and cultural centres, organising hip-hop dance workshops for beginners. Since 2017, Compagnie De Fakto has been engaged in an artistic residency programme in Feyzin, with a dedicated rehearsal space in the 3 Cerisiers Centre. This studio hosts the I.D. Training (Interpretation through Dance) programme, launched by Karla Pollux and Aurélien Kairo in 2017. I.D. Training is a programme of educational and artistic training lasting a total of 900 hours, spread across a whole academic year and designed for hip-hop dancers looking to become professional performers.

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