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Platform 88

Platform 88
  • 2009
  • France

Two different worlds, opposite poles united in London by a shared passion: the body as raw material and vital mode of theatrical expression.

Together their artistic explorations focus on the body as a dramatic force, a source of physicality, poetry and drama. They also share a passion for perpetuating and sharing a unique theatrical tradition – the discipline of corporeal mime as pioneered by Etienne Decroux. Janaina Tupan and Sébastien Loesener joined forces with the ambition of developing a shared theatrical language rooted in technical mastery (corporeal mime), ambitious exploration (cross-pollination of different practices) and boundless imagination. Their goal is to explore and expand the possibilities of corporeal dramatic art. Their approach to drama is all about casting fresh light on humanity and the competing forces which drive and define us. A dramaturgical philosophy which is resolutely open to outside influences, leaving ample room for audiences to use their own imaginations. From the outset, Platform 88 has maintained close ties with Brazil, regularly performing in the country and leading educational courses. The company has received backing from Projeto Mimicas since 2010 and Clube do Mecenas since 2013.


Platform 88 has also been an artistic co-director of the MIMESIS Festival since its inception, and an active member of the Mime and Gestural Arts network via the Mime and Gestural Arts Collective.