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Cie Raz'Bitumes

Cie Raz'Bitumes
  • 2003
  • France

Compagnie Raz’Bitumes has so far produced 5 shows, most of which have been performed over 50 times all over France. The company has received financial backing from various local institutions, as well as establishing joint production partnerships. One strong example is the company’s four-year partnership with Le Village des Aubépins, a retirement home in Maromme. Compagnie Raz’Bitumes also regularly organises workshops for school groups and other institutions, focusing on dance and theatre.

The company specialises in dance theatre, a performance discipline where emotions are conveyed primarily through movement and the power of physicality. The company’s performers revel in tackling big subjects with a sense of poetry and humour, combining probing examinations of contemporary society with an inclusive, interactive exploration of different ways of understanding, approaching and living (or surviving) in the modern world. One of the company’s greatest strengths is its multi-disciplinarity, combining different art forms to dynamic effect.

Compagnie Raz’Bitumes is committed to the tradition of street art as art for all, performing free of charge in public spaces. Raz'Bitumes is also deeply committed to the local community, joining forces with fellow creative companies from the region to form the 99 collective, pooling their administrative and artistic capacities. The company is also a member of the OSCAR partnership, a federation of 16 regional theatre groups.

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