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Cirque Bang Bang - Elsa Guérin et Martin Palisse

Cirque Bang Bang - Elsa Guérin et Martin Palisse
  • 2000
  • France

Elsa Guérin and Martin Palisse have created a number of shows together, performing them in France and elsewhere (South Korea, Japon, Pérou, Argentine, Allemagne, Slovaquie, Slovénie, Colombie, Brésil). They often focus on romantic relationships, or the drama of humanity more generally, veering from the burlesque to the tragic and back again.


The company’s creations are often the fruit of collaboration with other artists from the worlds of circus, dance, theatre or music, reflecting their spirit of openness, sharing and constant curiosity. Elsa Guérin and Martin Palisse are at once authors, actors, directors, stage designers, lighting technicians and costumer creators, driven by a desire, and a necessity, to create their own, uncompromisingly personal universe.


Since 2006 the company has had its own big top, giving fresh impetus to their creative explorations and public presentations. The company nonetheless continues to perform in theatres, and in many more surprising spaces

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