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Sara Ducat

Sara Ducat
  • France

Artists rooted in the here and now, engaging with the issues of the day… diversity and cross-pollination of genres, practices and techniques, bringing together the many faces of modern society… After a few short years of existence, the company has already forged an identity based on proximity to the audience.
“Above and beyond the opportunities offered by post-performance discussions, workshops and open rehearsals, my goal is to always make the dancers aware of their proximity to the audience on a day-to-day basis. That might mean breaking down a performance and improvising with the audience, or taking our art to the people in the streets, on the beach, in a village square or even in front of a medieval cathedral. […] The goal is to imagine and develop together an art which is accessible to all, enriched by the individual contributions of each participant, generous and resolutely human.” (Sara Ducat)
Education is an essential part of the company’s identity, with artists, choreographers, dancers and technicians all united by a shared passion for sharing and exchanging, nurturing the development of self-awareness, mindfulness and respect for others.

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