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Théâtre du Mouvement

Théâtre du Mouvement
  • 1975
  • France

Claire Heggen and Yves Marc are authors, actors, teachers, directors, and co-managers of Le Théâtre du Mouvement. Their vision of contemporary mime, and the art of performance more broadly, is inspired by the theatricality of movement and the art of gesture.
Their work incorporates the major artistic principles of corporeal mime, existing somewhere on the border between dramatic dance and textual theatre, using the human body to acrobatic, dramatic effect. The actor’s body is always the essential material from which their artistic creations are sculpted.  
Together, Claire Heggen and Yves Marc have worked on more than 30 shows and performed in over 60 countries, developing a constantly-evolving aesthetic identity motivated by the theatricality of movement and combining elements of mime, gestural theatre, dance, and object theatre. They have also given countless lectures in France and around the world. In all of the company’s work, Etienne Decroux’s theories of corporeal and dramatic performance remain a constant point of reference. His work laid the groundwork for a new theatrical genre freed from the constraints of dialogue, where poetry of form is every bit as important as narrative drive.

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  • Actuellement, la médiathèque Pierre-Fanlac de Périgueux retrace les 40 ans du Théâtre du Mouvement, à travers une exposition prêtée par la Bibliothèque nationale de France. Plus d'infos

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  • France
    Directrice artistique

    Claire Heggen est directrice artistique du Théâtre du Mouvement, compagnie de recherche et création.

  • France
    Directeur artistique

    Metteur en scène et interprète, Yves Marc a co-dirigé le Théâtre du Mouvement pendant plus de 40 ans.

  • Paru en 2003 - France
    Patrick Pézin