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Lucie Boulay

Lucie Boulay
  • France
  • Actor
  • Artistic director

She grew up in an inner-city suburb of Grenoble and, in her own words, "far from the limelight". But Lucie had only one ambition: to become an actress. She was a brilliant student but lived for her artistic activities (dance, theatre). When she passed her baccalaureate, she was admitted to the École supérieure des arts du cirque in Brussels. She continued her rigorous training in Toulouse in the Centre des arts du cirque and discovered her predominant discipline: the tight wire. After performing various artistic creations, especially at the Avignon festival, Lucie decided to devote herself solely to her one-woman circus project Tout juste après. This artistic work based on manipulating puppets on the wire was enriched by her participation in the "Clowns without frontiers" mission in Israel and Palestine.