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Xavier Mortimer

Xavier Mortimer
  • France
  • Artistic director
  • Interpreter
  • Stage director

Xavier Mortimer drew on all the disciplines he has studied (music, dance, circus, mime) to nurture a unique and perfectly mastered universe. Though not from an artistic family – he comes from a family of engineers – he borrows from all art forms, literature and technology. His references are: Keaton, Chaplin, Pierre Etaix, Buffo, the mime artist Marceau, Nino Rotta, Balkan fanfares and, of course, circus.

A winner of the Premier Grand Prix at the International Magic Congress in Italy, he is a virtuoso performer who, disguised as a dreamy clown, turns the show on its head by introducing a poetic dimension. A true creator of images, he likes to push back the frontiers of the possible (he even made video software to enable him to detach his shadow and project it on the background while he is on stage). He is a magician, mime artist, dancer, and juggler who creates situations peppered with visual surprises. He retains his deadpan appearance as he chases after illusions, rendering them palpable before dissolving them into thin air.